Best Cardio Diet Plan Cardio Benefits

Cardio exercises helps in boosting the energy level and reduces stress an the person sleeps better. Cardio exercises are the best for a healthy heart as it reduces cholesterol, minimizes blood pressure and improves blood flow. For a healthy heart simple cardio exercises like jogging, walking or dancing etc adds to healthy heart and a healthy lifestyle. But a healthy lifestyle does not include only exercise but also a healthy diet. So here are some best cardio diet plan tips.

Basics to cardio diet

Even a single step taken towards a healthy heart will make a lot of positive difference. Hence some basics for this diet are:

  1. Eat fruits and vegetables which have lots of nutrients.
  2. Avoid having caffeine.
  3. Intake of sodium should be limited.
  4. Have food which have minimum amount of Trans fat.
  5. Have fish in your diet as fish oil is considered to be very good for heart.

Best Cardio Diet Plan Cardio Benefits

Cardio friendly Diet foods!!

  1. Energy rich: carbohydrates are the energy source to your system. Hence foods rich in carb are very important to provide endurance and strength like grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy products etc.
  2.  Grain warm up: have plain oats in your diet as they lower the body cholesterol. Add variety to your diet by adding nuts or dry fruit for natural sweetness.
  3. Energy shake: best preferred after the cardio session as with the combination of milk and fruits i.e. source of calcium, vitamin C, proteins and carbohydrates helps in refueling the energy.
  4. Proteins in pasta: carbohydrates and proteins are a perfect combination for repairing the worn out muscles after the session and to provide a boost to metabolism. Add veggies to it for flavor, verity and nutrients.
  5. Add to fiber: bore with the same diet. Add homemade muffins to it with berries as they add antioxidants. Homemade muffins are rich in many nutrients like mineral zinc which is for healthy skin and strong immune system.
  6. Salads: add veggies, beans or sometimes chicken or fish for a healthy heart and for a power house of energy as they are good for refueling the emery tank.

Benefits of cardio exercises:

  1. Weight loss
  2. Better health: as they release endorphin which are body’s natural pain killer and reduces stress and depression.
  3. Improved immune system
  4. Increased stamina
  5. Better strength and muscle health

Best Cardio Diet Plan Cardio Benefits

Points to be noted:

  1. Cardio exercises are effecting only when your hearts rate is increasing above the normal level
  2. The cardio exercises which you love should be performed in placers you like park, gym etc.
  3. Make sure while performing these exercises the heart rate is in the target zone.
  4. For results increase the intensity of exercises periodically.

Best Cardio Diet Plan Cardio Benefits