Biceps Workout Exercises 

Biceps Workout Exercises: When talking about muscles the key interest of very person is to work on biceps as biceps are the most noticeable point of a guy with bigger arms. But one new thing to be learned is that triceps contributes to maximum arm component hence it also requires equal amount of attention to have a perfect balance so as to achieve required results.

For bigger muscles the most important priority should be lifting as heavy as possible.

Biceps Workout Exercises

Some of the major biceps workout exercises are:

1.       Standing Barbell Biceps Curls:

It is considered to be the best for strength development.

Point to be noted:

  • Don’t cut the movement pattern short.
  • Because of Momentum don’t lean backwards when you pick the weight upwards as in this case momentum does the work and not the muscles.

Point of advice:

  • Perform it in a controlled manner and slowly.
  • Allow the work on deep muscle fibres with higher intensity.

How to do?

  • Grab a straight barbell or and E-Z barbell for better grip or hand placement.
  • With facing out and away from each other take wither an inside grip or wide grip.
  • Pick the bar up to your chest with back straight throughout the complete movement.
  • Lower the bar and then repeat as you desire to so.

 2.       Seated barbell curl:

  • Sit on a bench with back straight
  • Hold a straight bar or an E-Z bar and rest it on a lap.
  • Grip it with inside grip or wide grip with palms facing you.
  • Curl it to your chest and then lower it.
  • Repeat it for desired number of times.

 3.       Preacher Barbell Curls:

  • Sit on a bench that has padded arm rest and grab a straight barbell or E-Z barbell.
  • Hold it with inside grip or a wide grip with palms facing you and away from each other.
  • Lower the barbell with arms fully straight.
  • Curl it back slowly with arms close to shoulders.
  • Repeat it for the desired number of times.

 4.       Concentration Curls:

Note it: It should be done while sitting as minimum work will be done by the momentum and most by the arm muscles.

It emphasize on the bicep muscles

  • Sit on bench and hold a dumbbell.
  • Straight you arm down and rest the elbow on the inner thigh on the same side of leg with a dumbbell in your hand.
  • Now curl it to your shoulder and hold it to the point of contraction.
  • Lower it and then repeat it for the number of times you desire.
  • Repeat it same with opposite arm too.

 5.       Standing Dual High Pulley Cable Curl: It targets the deep tissue muscle fibres and while performing this exercise all stabilizing muscles which surround the biceps comes into play.

How to do?

  • Place the pulleys at high level and stand between them.
  •  Use a stirrup handle with each pulley.
  • With biceps and triceps parallel to the ground, hols each pulley with palms facing the ceiling.
  • Curl both the arms to a point where knuckles touch your head.
  • Slowly come back to previous position.
  • Repeat it to desired number of times.

 6.      Standing Low Pulley Cable Curl:

  • Take an adjustable pulley cable at the lowest level.
  • Use a flat bar attachment or E-Z Curl attachment.
  • Grab it with wide grip or inside grip and palms facing the ceiling.
  • Curl it till your shoulders.
  • Lower it slowly and repeat it as desired number of times.

 7.       One Arm Stirrup Cable Curls:

  • Take an adjustable pulley cable or low pulley cable at set it to lowest level.
  • Hold a single stirrup attached to the pulley
  • With palm facing the ceiling, grab the stirrup with one hand.
  • Curl it up to shoulders.
  • Lower the weight and repeat it desired number of times.
  • Now do the same with opposite arm.

Biceps Workout Exercises

Biceps Workout Exercises