Jessica Alba Beauty Tips Secrets Products Makeup Routine


Jessica Alba is an American actress and model. She started her filmy career when she was 13 year old. There is no doubt in her talent which takes Alba at the highest peaks of success but her beauty also played an important role in her career. Jessica has been called as Sex Symbol, appeared in Hot 100 section of Maxim, ranked #1 in FHM as Sexiest Woman in the World and many more. 

She is a beautiful mother literally radiates beauty, health and happiness from both the inside and the outside. Jessica knows how to show her assets with exact make-up, how to look fabulous in any condition. The 31 year old actress has revealed her beauty tips and secrets products which help her to look beautiful all the time. She is not a great fan of make-up, but Alba thinks sometimes it’s necessary especially when you lacking sleep or stressed.

If you want to look like Jessica Alba, there is no need to put so much make-up and to invest huge amount of money on expensive beauty products because the reason behind her beauty cost very low, easily available in shops. Just follow her tips, only less make up will take out real person out. 


What Jessica do for her beauty???? 

Here are the some beauty tips suggested by Jessica Alba:

  1. Make it habit to use a moisturizer daily (in day and night) and surely do cleanse at this time also.
  2. In her daily beauty plan, she always uses SPF 20
  3. It’s  not necessary to wear foundation everyday, try to use light powder.
  4. Use tinted moisturizer for youthful glowing skin
  5. Alba don’t like to use mascara daily but only when she looks tired and puffy.
  6. Do exercise daily, 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
  7. Drink 2 liter of water everyday for healthy and glowing skin.
  8. Eat healthy food rather than Junk food.


Jessica Alba Favorite Beauty Products: