Jessica Alba Workout Routine Pregnancy Workout

Jessica Alba Workout Routine Pregnancy WorkoutJessica Alba is an American actress who has worked in television too and is a model. She was born on April 28, 1981. She got worldwide fame from her Television series Dark Angel (2000-2002). She is famous for her roles in fantastic four, into the blue, sin city etc.

Alba has one of the hottest bodies and is the sex symbol of Hollywood. With her great body and figure she sweeps any man’s heart. In 2005 TV guide ranked her #45 on its 50 sexiest stars of all time lists. She has also won many awards and golden globe award nomination too.

Jessica Alba Workout Routine Pregnancy Workout

Jessica Alba Body Stats!

Height: 5’7’’ or 170cm

Weight: 125 pounds or 57 kg

Figure: 34-24-34 inches

Bra size: 32B

Jessica Alba workout routine

Jessica’s Workout consists of cardio, strength circuits, yoga and core training.

Her workout consist of 3 total circuits depend on your level of fitness. If expert perform all the three, if intermediate perform 2 and if a beginners perform only one. Stretching and frequent rests are very important in between the sets.

Rule: Give your 100% and no excuses.

Jessica’s workout is 40 min 3-2-1 Training Workout

Cardio I:It is of 10 minutes.
Jogging is performed to warm up the muscles
Then speed up the rate to burn calories

Strength Circuit I:Do strength training in between to burn more calories.
It can be arms, legs or back.
Jessica use to perform 2-3 pound dumbbell.

Cardio II: It is performed for another 10 minutes.
Use a treadmill, run outdoors or skipping or one can even do high knees.

Strength Circuit II: Jessica’s schedule was as per day. Hence one can target for the same group of muscles for that day.
Upper body, lower body or back strength.

Cardio III: Here push yourself hard by reaching total body exhaustion.

Core I:
This part focus on balance and upper and lower body Abs.

Jessica Alba Workout Routine Pregnancy Workout

Note: In start it will take an hour to complete the sets. But slowly push yourself to make your timeline to 40-50 minutes. And keep the intensity rate high for better results.

Jessica’s Circuits:

Circuit I:

  • Incline Chest Flyes: 15 repetitions-7kg Dumbbells
  • Single Leg Squats: 15 repetitions- 2kg dumbbells
  • Triceps dips from a bench: 20 repetitions

Circuit II:

  • Chest Press on Flat Bench: 12 repetitions- 7kg dumbbells
  • Abs crunches (Lower Abs): 35 repetitions
  • Abs Crunches (Upper Abs): 35 repetitions
  • Oblique Crunches: 30 repetitions
  • Hamstring Curls: 15 repetitions

Jessica Alba other Workout methods:

  • Running during Hikes.
  • Group workouts with her husband and close friends

Jessica Alba Pregnancy Workout:

  • She was using less of equipment’s but more of walking and minor physical activities.
  • She uses to perform Yoga a lot to stay flexible.
  • In early days of pregnancy she carried on with her 3-2-1 workout scheme but more of balancing exercises.

Jessica Alba Workout Routine Pregnancy Workout