Mila Kunis Diet Plan

Mila Kunis Diet PlanMila kunis was born on August 14, 1983 is an American actress and voice artist. She moved from Ukraine to Los Angeles at the age of 7. Mila is a very down to earth person and does not rely on her looks as she says “Looks  fade” and one should not reply on it for self esteem and happiness.

Mila Kunis Diet Plan

Mila Kunis Diet!

Mila Kunis has been named as the sexiest woman alive by Esquire Magazine. She is naturally gorgeous and doesn’t need much make up to look beautiful.

Mila loves food  and is a big foodie. She loves all types of food; burgers, cheesy food. She says one can easily lose weight with diet, exercise and self-discipline. Mila loves her curves.

Diet: Well balanced meals of Low Glycaemia carbohydrates, Proteins and essential Fats.

Her diet includes:

  1. Sugary Cereal: Oat meal porridge
  2. Cornflakes: Muesli
  3. White Bread: Whole Grain
  4. White Rice: Basmati or Whole grain Rice
  5. Biscuits: Handful of nuts or vegetarian sticks with cheese
  6. Candy: apple
  7. Chocolate Bar: Plain dark chocolate (70% or more cocoa)
  8. Jams on toast: egg on toast

Eat  your favorites things: let it be a glass of wine or a chocolate bar, it will never feel you deprived and these are the things in life we love and it will maintain a balance.

Mila Kunis Diet Plan