Mila Kunis Workout Routine

Mila Kunis Workout Routine: Milena Markovna Kunis, knows as Mila Kunis was born on August 14, 1983. She is originally from Ukraine and at the age of 7 she moved from there to Los Angeles. She first appeared in many ad commercials and got her IST role on her 15th Birthday That 70’s Show. She got world wide popularity from her IST movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Very much famous for her work in Friends with Benefits and got many awards and nominations for her role as lily in Black Swan. 

Mila Kunis Workout Routine

Mila Kunis body Stats:

HEIGHT: 5’4’’ or 163cm

WEIGHT: 52kg or 115 pounds

FIGURE: 32-25-32 inches


Mila Kunis Workout Routine

Mila Kunis is one of the sexiest women alive and she is known for her great figure and for roles like friends with benefits, black swan etc.

Mila Kunis hired Brian Abercrombie as her trainer. He introduced Kunis to workout training system called as P.A.C.E (Power, Agility, Core and Endurance) and increased his workout from three days to five days a week.

P.A.C.E workout reduces Oxidative Stress. It includes lunges, Squats, Pull-ups, Triceps Dips, Jump Squats, Knee Bend Calf Raises, Crunches, Box Jumps, planks etc.

1. Walkover Push ups: 6 repetitions on each side

  • Lie in a push up position with both hands on a box, plated weight or raised surface.
  • Now move one hand on the floor and other on the box only.
  • Do the push up and return to the initial position.
  • Repeat it on other side too.
  • One can also criss- cross hands when alternating.
  • Then switch up by walking with your hands or your feet.

2. Mountain Climbers: 6 repetition son each side

  • Lie in a push up position with wider gap than shoulder width.
  • Pull one foot up at your chest level.
  • Pull forward and bend it in with other leg extended.
  • Now repeat it with other leg too, as if running in place.


Mila Kunis Workout Routine

3. Stir the Kettle: ^ rep stirring right and 6 rep stirring left

  • Get an Olympic bar and hold it with both hands.
  • Place one end of the bar into a corner of a wall.
  • Raise the other end up to chest level while holding it with both hands.
  • Make a full big circle as if stirring a kettle.

4. Medicine Ball Slam: 6 repetitions

  • Take a medicinal ball in your hands over your head.
  • Slam the ball on the floor with arms fully extended and feet hip-width apart.
  • Drop as you go into a deep squat and catch the ball as it comes on the floor.
  • Then bring it to the raised position.

5. Bootstrap Squats: 6 repetitions

  • Take the handles of both dumbbells in both hands.
  • Keep your legs straight, straighten your arms set your elbows on your knees and maintain contact throughout motion.
  • Like dragging you weight, drop your butt towards your heels and bring the lagging weight up and under your chin.

6. TRX Row: 6 repetitions

  • Shorten your TRX straps
  • Set the body in a straight line as if in a vertical plank position.
  • Keep your arms straight and put your feet forward until there is tension in the straps.
  • Retract your shoulder blades back and down
  • Keep your elbows close to your body and pull your torso towards your hands.
  • Keep your body rigid.

 Mila Kunis Workout Routine