Miranda Kerr Beauty Tips Beauty Secrets Makeup Routine

Miranda May Kerr famous as Miranda Kerr is an Australian model. Miranda is the first Australian to participate in the Victoria’s Secret campaign. She started modelling at age of 13 in fashion industry. In 2007, Miranda Kerr became the 1st Australian model who was offered a contract with Victoria’s Secret and In 2010 she became the first Australian Victoria’s Secret Angel. 

Miranda Kerr is one of the beautiful and hottest star ever seen. Her beauty is endless and undeniable. She is perfect in every aspects. Miranda is the face of the new Victoria’s Secret Seduction Dark Orchid Perfume. She is very caring about her skin, diet and health. It’s totally appreciable that all Victoria’s Secret Angels have to take take care of their skin, beauty, diet because this is the only way of their living.

Kerr is a David Jones’s Ambassador, she owns her own cosmetic line, she is a Victoria’s Secret Angel and last but not least she is very charming, sweet, sexy and beautiful woman on the planet….

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Let’s start with Miranda Kerr beauty secrets, beauty tips, skincare secrets and make routine…….


Miranda Kerr Skincare Secrets


1. Miranda Kerr daily skincare routine starts with 3 basic steps i.e.

  • She start with cleansing using KORA Foaming Cleanser.
  • Then next step is toning, for this she uses Energizing Citrus Mist.
  • Last step is moisturizing with Hydrating Day and Night Cream.
  • Miranda follows this 3 steps routine (Cleanse, toning, moisturize) twice a day.

2. First thing she do in morning is that she drink one glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice because lemon juice is excellent for detoxing, alkalizing the body and it helps to improve digestion problems.

3. Then she scrub her full body with Body Brush, it stimulates blood lymph flow of Miranda Kerr, exfoliates her skin and help her to get super smooth skin.

“I am addicted to using a body brush day at night and smothering my body with body lotion. It’s a dry brush, you can get it from the health food store and you brush your body with it. It makes your skin super smooth.”

4. Twice in a week she go for oxygen facials.

5. Rose Hip Oil is one of her favorite product, she use it as an intensive nourishing face treatment, to remove eye makeup, as a cuticle treatment and she also add few drops of it to her face cream every night which result in brighter complexion when she wake up. This oil is a rich source of antioxidants.

6. At night she use hydrating mask around her face, this will help her to get glowy skin.


Miranda Kerr says,

“I personally take four tablespoons of coconut oil per day, either on my salads, in my cooking or in my cups of green tea. I will not go a day without coconut oil.”

“I love sandalwood essential oil as a de stresser.”


7. The best beauty secret of Miranda Kerr is that she eat fresh and organic food as much as she can. It’s very important to give you body healthy and nutritious food because if you get healthy from inside then you will get healthy and glowy skin.


List of Beauty Products she always keep in her bag….

  • Kora Organics Foaming Cleanser
  • Energizing Citrus Mist
  • Hydrating Day and Night Cream
  • Body Brush
  • Rosehip oil
  • RMS Living Luminiser
  • KORA Organics tinted moisturizer
  • Red lipstick (Showstopper by Victoria’s Secret)


Top 10 Beauty Tips By Miranda Kerr (for her followers)

  1. Those woman who are confident, feel comfortable in her own skin and those  who smiles often always look gorgeous and always leaves a  lasting impression.
  2. Wear those beauty products always in which you feel comfortable, do not follow any one.
  3.  If  there is a choice b/w wearing something that is too big or to small then go with a little bigger.
  4. Always use quality organic skin products.
  5. Make it habit to drink warm water with lemon every morning.
  6. Before going to bath use dry body brush all over  just to keep your skin smooth and to activate lymph system
  7. Always keep Rosehip oil in your handbag.
  8. Whenever your skin get dry then use an organic spray mist to make it hydrated.
  9. Try to find out the supplements which are best suited for your body and take them. Because everyone need supplements to balance their body in busy lifestyle.
  10.  Never take yourself and your life too seriously, frowning is one of the most damaging things we can do to our skin.