Beauty Tips For Teens


 The best beauty tips for teens skin care, health and exercise are describing below.

In Teenage years most of the teens have strong and far reaching effects on skin. Oily skin, pimples, red rashes, White and blackhead which are mostly happen in this age of life. 

These problems not only cause difficulty to one’s personal comfort but also these problems affect’s the self respect or esteem of teens.

To get healthy and fit it is necessary for teen’s that they must choose healthy food for their body throughout the day and follow a routine which encourage their healthy eating habits.

Proper diet with proper exercise will help to make body fit and good looking.



Teens Skin Care Tips




It is important to take advice from Dermatologist, which will help you to find out which cosmetic is good and safe for your skin type. Only then you should buy cosmetics  like blush.



Gentle Cleansing:

Using of scrubs or pads to get relieve from oily skin  may help you to get rid of essential oil. Its better to use mild cleanser and try to wash face two times in a day. Most probably before sleeping and in morning.



Don’t Squeeze The Face:

Squeezing or pinching of pimples of the face will result in permanent scars. Its recommended by Dermatologist that avoid picking at pimples because even by touching or rubbing them result in further aggravation.


Shave Carefully:

Their are variety of blades and razors in the market. Its is recommended for boys to choose blades and razor very carefully and use razors only for face.  And for girls try to stay away from razors until it is an emergency.



No one from teens wants sunburn very early in his/hr life so it is important to use sunscreen cream or lotion whenever go outside in the sun for long period of time. Its good to use sunscreen of at least SPF 30.


Hydrated Skin:

For proper skin care there is no alternative for water. So teens with oily skin recommended to drink 8 glass of water whereas teens with dry skin recommended to drink 10 glass of water throughout the day to make skin free from toxins, make the skin glowing and pimple free.


Use Moisturizer:

Its is important to moisturize skin everyday. So make a habit of using water based moisturizer instead of oil based, when the atmosphere outside is hot and humid.




Healthy Diet



Heavy breakfast is very important in respect to get energy for body to survive the whole day. Its good to eat fruits in breakfast, fruit juices, protein in form of nuts.


Fast Food:

It is a famous belief that fast food will make us unhealthy and fat and this is quite true but it is recommended to eat fast food at least two times in  month for teen to change the taste and this will keep their interest in healthy food too.


For teen it is perfect to eat light food at night. Especially Lean protein, whole grains , fruit based dessert and two vegetables.


Processed Food:

For teens it is necessary to avoid the food which is stored in jars, boxes and in other packages because processed food have preservatives  and sugar in very high percentage which is harmful for health.


Keep Hydrated:

It is important to drink at least 8 glass of water through out the day either sitting idle in a home or working, playing or studying because it ensures proper metabolism.







School Games:

Always encourage teens to take part in school sports like football,basketball,volleyball and other. There are two advantages of playing games in school, first one is this keeps body active and in shape and second is this helps in avoiding of snacking while sitting free at home.



Physical Training:

To get healthy and fit body it is important for teen to do physical exercise at least for 40 minutes three to four times in a week. This includes weighting machines, free weights,running,resistance bands etc. Whenever necessary take professional help.



Sometimes exercise are not termed for physical exercise. To avoid burden from teens its good to play outside,fishing,skating,bike riding,gardening,swimming all other fun activities are require.




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