Tom Hardy Workout Diet Plan

Tom Hardy Workout Diet Plan:Edward Thomas is better known as Tom Hardy. This charming guy was born on 15th September 1977. This face is very much known among women and also because of his roles in Bronson, Warrior and the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises. For this roles tom takes a lot of pain both in terms of workout and diet. He workout hard to build muscles and eats a balanced diet as per his trainer.

Tom Hardy Workout Diet Plan

Tom Hardy Diet plan

Tom hardy has played a variety of roles and to slip into roles he has to change into diet plans. He had few bad habits like drinking too many coffee, heavy meals in dinner etc.

But after he hired a trainer Peanut he was able to switch into roles in a better and healthy way.

To gain Muscles:

  • Lots of Chicken And rice
  • Protein Shakes
  • Oatmeal
  • Green Vegetables
  • Some junk food too to put on weight which is actually not good but he made his way for his roles

Tom Hardy Tips:

  1. He worked out hard to change this fat into muscles through which he gained 15 pounds in just 7 weeks.
  2. His calorie intake was 4000 calories a day.
  3. He drinks a lot of milk. Even glasses in between.
  4. Make it a variety i.e. shakes with ice cream, milk, peanut butter.
  5. Eat small meals in between heavy meals.

MAD MAX role: For this role tom hardy has cut off a lot of calories. He eats only one meal a day to drop 30 lbs. The vision for that role is like hungry wolf… very lean and muscular but dangerous.

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Tom Hardy Workout Diet Plan