Tom Hardy Workout Routine

Tom Hardy Workout Routine: Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy was born on 15th September 2013. His some of the famous roles are in movies Star Trek, Rock n Roll, Bronson, warrior, the dark knight rises and Inception. For inception he won the BAFTA rising star award. He has been doing all the work to switch between roles. His upcoming flick is Mad Max which is the fourth installment.

Tom Hardy Workout Routine

Tom Hardy Body Stats!

HEIGHT: 5’9’’ or 175cm

WEIGHT: 86kg or 190 pounds

Chest: 49’’

Waist: 32’’

Arms/Biceps: 18’

Tom Hardy Workout routine

  1. Tom hardy was all into training, as he woke up, before lunch, before sleeping.
  2. His sessions are of 20 minutes.
  3. His routine includes some good compound exercises:
    1. Shoulder Press
    2. Pull Ups
    3. Push Ups
    4. Squats
    5. Dead Lifts
    6. Bent Over Row

His Daily Workout includes:

  1. Press ups: or push Ups. First Lie on the floor and in first set adjusts your hands shoulder length apart. In Second Set form a diamond with forefingers and thumb. In the third set wider the gap between hands that is more than shoulder length. In the final set push ups are on knuckles.
  2. Shoulder Flyes: Take 8kg dumbbells in your hand and stand shoulder length apart. Raise your hands 180 till they meet above head. Than lower to start point and repeat. For greater difficulty use heavier weights.
  3. Dips: sit on the ground with legs straight and take a chair right at your back. Grab the seat with your hands now push your body up and arms extended. Then lower your body till it touches the floor and then repeat it in sets.
  4. The Bridge: It is done in multiple stages and should be done under the consideration of trainer a sit can lead to injuries. It gives you back flexibility, a powerful neck and a lot of core strength.

Stage1: Lie on the mat. Lift your hips off the mat with hands near your ears and palms on the floor with fingers pointing toward feet.

Stage2: Now push harder and lift your shoulders and allow your head to tilt back.

Stage3: now put on some of your weight on your head with some support of your hands

Stage 4: When all comfortable with stage 3 and flexibility now then put all the pressure on your head.

Tom Hardy Workout Routine

Abdominal Workout: This gives you core strength and increase the size and power of your abs.

Stage1: lie on the mat with feet together and hands behind your head. Lift your head and shoulder and tighten your abs and then lift your legs together.

Stage2: now bring you legs close to your chest such that they touch your elbows.

Stage3: now pull your legs up but don’t bend your knees.

Stage4: with an 8kg kettle bell, insert your left shoe in the handle. Wrap your right leg on top of your left leg and foot to hold it in place.

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Tom Hardy Workout Routine