Will Smith Diet Plan

Will Smith Diet Plan: This Bad Boy, American actor, Producer and rapper is one of the most known, powerful actors of Hollywood. He started his career as a rapper under The Fresh Prince. And then he got a role in television series The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air and since he never looked back. From then he got roles in many films and his work was appreciated in it. He gave many consecutive block buster films.

This is because of his hard work that he got Oscar Nomination for his work in movie The Pursuit of Happiness and Ali.

Role of Ali was something a big challenge for him. For the role he was all into gaining weight, muscles and a strong body to play the role apt. He gave in to it completely and worked hard so much both in terms of Body, diet and acting which ultimately paid off as the movie was a huge hit. Will Smith has a huge fan following all over the world.

Will Smith Diet Plan

Will Smith Diet Plan!

For maximum muscle repair, he followed a high protein and a high carbohydrate diet.

To gain weight for different roles, his intake of meals was 6-8 per day.

His Supplements were usually protein Shakes and creatine to gain muscles.

The source of carbohydrates was usually from healthy food to make sure that glucose level does not decrease from his body at an alarming level.

He avoided all types of processed junk or junk food.

So with all the muscle gain and a lot of fat burning his metabolism increased.

To reduce fat from his body and to look leaner, will’s trainer asked him to reduce his consumption of food in a day.

Will Smith Diet Plan