3 Steps to Make Your Dreams a Reality – Make Your Dreams Come True

I am in the process of looking for a house. How exciting, how exhilarating, how exasperating-depending on what I choose it to be. Making such a large purchase and significant decision in my life brings up an old story-the one I tell myself about not deserving or being able to afford what I really want. When I found myself saying to a stranger in the grocery store, “This is where I want to live, but I can’t really afford it,” I realized I needed to change my story.

The story you choose to tell, whether it is about buying a house, starting a new relationship, having a child-or whatever dreams or goals you’re working toward-is true, because you make it true at some level of consciousness. We initially create our stories because we think they will protect us, but in the end they merely limit us, keeping us stuck. How empowering it is to know that our thoughts (stories) create our reality and we get to choose them!

Here are three steps to help you choose your new story:

Visualize it.

In your mind’s eye, see exactly what you want and be very specific about what it looks like, feels like, even smells like. My perfect house is a bright, open, historically restored bungalow centrally located with a fenced backyard and walking distance to a park and coffee shop.

Tell it.

You anchor your new story by telling as many people as possible, with at least one new person every day. With each person I tell about my perfect house, I get clearer, so I will recognize it when I see it.

Act on it.

The first two steps are lost if you don’t take action. I look for homes in neighborhoods I want to live in. I preview homes that meet my specifications and price range.

Keep visualizing your new story, telling it as many times as possible in a day, and then take action-even just a small step-to start making it a real part of you, ingrained at your very cellular level.

What do you want to change your current story about? Is it a relationship, your financial situation, job, or health and fitness? Follow these steps and let me know how it changes your life when you change your story. And I’ll let you know when I move into my perfect house.

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