Are You All Dressed Up and Afraid to Go Out?

Oh, can you feel the pain? Have you ever felt like this? I know I have. In fact, this has been so much a part of my life; all dressed up and afraid to go out. AND, thank God, I can now say that I am holding my arms wide open. I’m willing to meet all of the special people who are suffering with this dilemma. Stranger Danger…

Being all dressed up can look very different from the obvious. For example, how many credentials, certifications, classes, degrees, etc. do you continually need to accumulate in an attempt to be prepared, to look good enough, and to be good enough? Are you caught up in this illusion – you’ll make more offers and get more business when you feel like you’re good enough? Is this you?

Look how sweet and precious this little girl looks. What more does she need? You might be thinking the same thing that I am. NOTHING! Yes, nothing. How much better can she be? How much better do you need to be to prove your value and worth to others?

You don’t need to be better to prove your value; I submit that you need to accept yourself just as you are including all of your emotions, particularly the difficult ones. Your difficult emotions can lead you to your True value. They are vital to your abundance and power. Hiding out from feeling your emotions can keep you hiding out from connecting with others. (The way we do one thing is the way we do everything…)

Our gifts and talents are so natural that we just can’t see their value. The gift of our talents, which needs no justification, can be one of the greatest obstacles in knowing just how valuable our work is to others. I think this is true for many of us. I know it has been true for me.

You’re just too close to see yourself. And besides, your gifts came with you! You didn’t have to go out and get them. That would have made them separate from you, right? Your rich emotional world will show you the way back to your Truth, yet, you must feel your emotions fully in order to accept them and benefit from their message.

So how do you break out of this stranglehold? Well, it’s not trying to get better to prove that you are valuable in what you do. Have you ever noticed that there are people in your industry that have a lot more clients and money than you do, yet they might not be as qualified or maybe not even as good at doing what you do as you are?

Fear of rejection, failure, judgment, shame, and criticism can put you in a corner with your hands covering your eyes. This debilitating fear and shame will shut you off from the world. Nothing can fix this dilemma. What does work is the following:

  • Admit that you are trapped in this endless cycle of trying to get better at what you do, yet, you’re not experiencing any significant growth in your business. You’re barely keeping afloat
  • Write down 30 aspects about yourself that you KNOW helps others make the changes they need to transform their lives
  • What do you know is the next most powerful step that you need to take towards reaching out and making an offer to help someone and be paid well for it?
  • Be honest with yourself. If you could do what is needed, you probably would have taken the action already. Most likely, you need help from someone outside of yourself. The same mindset that got you where you are cannot help you go beyond where you are. Who are you willing to receive help from? Someone who is already living what you want to live, serving the way you want to serve, and living the lifestyle you would like to live.
  • Write down the names of 3 people that you would consider helping you with your transformation. Interview them, make a choice. Create a relationship with them.

Of course, I do hope that I am at the top of your list! I know your pain and I can get you to the other side of it! I did it, you can do it too!

The results that you help others achieve will get their attention. However, you MUST first believe that you have what it takes to help them. Without that, you’ll never reach out!

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